Use Your Noodle

Author : Sarah BrazierIllustrator : Andrew HopgoodAge : 3 - 10 yearsHelp your children get to know, understand and learn how to manage their emotions in a positive way.
These are essential life skills that will boost their self-esteem and resilience – topics that are so important in mental health.
Empower children to make good decisions and be true to themselves.
Release date : 1st February 2020
PaperbackISBN : 978-1-925839-51-7$14.95ADD TO BASKET
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About the Author and Illustrator

Author : Sarah BrazierSarah Brazier lives in Perth, Australia, and is a mother to three children. She has combined her knowledge of medical education with her experience as a mum to create children's books that educate children about human biology in a fun and engaging way. Sarah was born near Oxford, England, and gradu...READ MORE ABOUT THIS AUTHOR
Illustrator : Andrew HopgoodAndrew Hopgood is a Melbourne-based illustrator who began freelancing in 1990. After completing a BA in Graphic Design at Swinburne Institute of Technology, Andrew began his career using traditional mediums such as acrylic and scraperboard. However, like most illustrators, he transitioned to digit...READ MORE ABOUT THIS ILLUSTRATOR

Absolutely brilliant!

This book is fantastic in helping children recognise and understand their emotions. It also teaches children how to manage these feelings positively. The book has been a huge success among primary school children and is a fabulous resource to support the Health and Wellbeing curriculum. It is excellently written, engaging and cleverly pitched for all ages to enjoy. Highly recommended for everyone!
Hayley -  8th February 2020

Adults need to read it as well

Beautiful children's book that I enjoyed reading and learning from it as an adult.
Yue -  7th February 2020

Beautiful book with an important message

What a lovely children's book! Highly recommended.
Jess -  30th January 2020

Entertaining and informative

My kids, husband and I are all huge fans of this book!

Beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written, “Use Your Noodle” is a fabulous resource for helping children (and adults!) understand the brain and emotion regulation.
Bianca Petterson -  29th January 2020

Fantastic read with impressive illustrations!

Bought copies for my young cousins and they have absolutely enjoyed reading Use Your Noodle. An enjoyable educational book accompanied by impressive illustrations to help tell the story. Highly recommend the book! :)
Dylan B -  28th January 2020

Essential reading

Extremely readable and very enjoyable for young and old alike. “Use your Noodle” introduces children to the inevitability of their emotions whilst teaching them that their reaction to them is within their gift. A wonderful book which also reminds the older reader that it’s never too late to use your noodle...
Darren Graham -  25th January 2020

Use your Noodle

What a fabulous book. The author has taken a complex topic and written it in such a way that kids can understand it. Also a good reminder for big kids too! I have read this book with my two boys (both over 11yo) as well as a young niece and nephew and they were all able to relate to the concepts. Highly recommend this book.
Helen -  24th January 2020

Best kids book I've read in ages

One of my boys has issues with emotional regulation and this book does such a great job of explaining exactly what is going on in his head but in a fun way we can all understand. And it offers real solutions that kids can understand. I think every child should read this book over and over again... and some parents too :)

This book should be required reading in schools! Well done Sarah on another great publication!
Lisa -  24th January 2020

Best Picture Book

I loved this book, it really explained how to react to your emotions using your noodle. It’s a great book for everyone.
Henry Gooch -  24th January 2020
I bought this book for my 9 year old for Xmas. He reads it over again and again.
All schools and libraries should have a copy of “Use your Noodle”.

It’s a fantastic resource !!
Haselhurst C -  23rd January 2020

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