Author Sarah Brazier

Sarah Brazier lives in Perth, Australia, and is a mother to three children. She has combined her knowledge of medical education with her experience as a mum to create children's books that educate children about human biology in a fun and engaging way.
Sarah was born near Oxford, England, and graduated from King's College London with a BSc in Parasitology. It was apparent to her that a combined approach of treatment and behaviour change was needed to effectively treat many conditions. This instigated her interest in medical education. Sarah has years of experience working in medical publishing, medical education, and health.
Her immersion into children's book came from her love of sharing books with her kids and the personal challenge of explaining complex concepts in a fun and engaging way. Sarah's first book, Beat the Bugs, which explains immunisation to children, has been a great success and adapted into a children's puppet show in Perth.
Sarah hopes that her books ignite a spark in children to think, ask questions, reflect, and learn more about their amazing bodies and remarkable selves. As the well-known adage so concisely says, 'Knowledge is power.'

Books by Sarah Brazier

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