Author Belinda Lui & Zoe Reddaway

Belinda had always dreamed of publishing a book since she was a child, having sent numerous manuscripts to magazines and publishers throughout the years. Her book Rapunzel's Sister, was based on a drawing created by her daughter Zoe. Together they wrote the story with Zoe illustrating a few of the characters so that her mum could describe them. Belinda is also keen artist and produced a short picture book, Cooking with Doggy. She loves reading, especially children's books; her favourites include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and most of all, the Harry Potter series. Equally, music is a passion of hers. She grew up playing the piano and violin, but recently took up singing lessons. Find them at @RapunzelsSisterSeries on Facebook.

Books by Belinda Lui & Zoe Reddaway

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