Illustrator Benjamin Johnston

Benjamin Johnston works as a mild-mannered architect by daytime and a masked illustrator by night ... and he is looking forward to the day he might actually have enough time for everything he wants to get done. Drawing and illustrating for children has always been his passion. He is the illustrator and co-creator of the successful STEM-inspired Engibear series. Benjamin’s illustration abilities cover a wide range of styles and media. While, as an architect, technical drawing or digital illustration comes naturally, study at Julian Ashton Art School also encouraged a more free-flowing expression. The two sides are constantly at war!
Benjamin describes himself as a brief-driven illustrator without a set style or direction. He enjoys collaboration with authors and editors – open to the specific needs of each project, and he is keen to ensure that all illustrations work as hard as possible to get the intended message across. Benjamin lives and works in Sydney and probably always will.

Books by Benjamin Johnston

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