Illustrator Cath Chegwidden

Cath Chegwidden has had a gift for illustration all her life. This passion and gift initially led to training to become a professional secondary school art teacher at Newcastle University. Her teaching career grew to encompass the Creative and Performing Arts as well as Visual Art, and she was a Head Teacher in this field for twenty-five years. Due to illness she left teaching, and art became her sole focus. She honed her skills in exhibitions and commissioned works, particularly with murals for various medical facilities and institutions.

Her gift she sees as a God given one which has been a wonderful blessing to those who are in stressed medical environments, aged care or even in mental health. Here her works have been used to give a peaceful ambience in places that were otherwise rather sad or sterile. Cath embraced children's book illustration as a light, pleasurable creative activity that has broadened her artistic skill and has become yet another natural adjunct to other diverse and challenging artistic endeavours.
Cath's artworks have been featured nationally and internationally in the form of both exhibits and commissioned works.

Books by Cath Chegwidden

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