Author Josette Hennessy

Josette was raised on a farm in Gunnedah, NSW, where she kept company with dogs, cows, and her five older siblings — not necessarily in that order. Owing to this earthy upbringing, she quickly became fluent in two languages: English and ‘Australian’.

It wasn’t until much later, when Josette grew up to become an English language teacher, that she began to contemplate just how tricky all our slang words and idioms can be for those learning English, including young Aussie kids! Cue lightbulb moment: why not create a rhyming picture book that deals with just that! Everything but the Kitchen Sink materialised.

Aside from Australia, Josette has taught in the UK and France. Word games and punning around make her very happy. These days she lives both in Newcastle and the hope that she will one day beat her brother at a game of Scrabble.

Books by Josette Hennessy

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