Author and Illustrator Maryanne O'Flynn

Maryanne grew up in a large farmhouse in Palmwoods Qld, with her 11 siblings. She spent many days playing down in the creek, catching tadpoles with her mothers Tupperware. And riding motorbikes with her brothers. She always loved to draw and would fill in the sides of her school books with doodles, leaving them messy and hard to read. After leaving high school she studied to be a Nurse. She loved Nursing but had always dreamed of becoming an Illustrator. After spending lots of time with her grandmother In Rockhampton, QLD, Maryanne became interested in the art of story telling. Her grandmother would tell wonderful stories of her past, that seemed to grow and become more far-fetched as she grew older. Maryanne loves to paint and goes to a wonderful art class every Wednesday with a group of amazing women. Her husband Justin is a Vet which brings lots of interesting animals and people into their lives. She has five wonderful son’s who all add a bit of fun and chaos to her life. She lives in Montville with her husband and two smallest sons, 5 cats, 1 dog, two sheep, 7 chooks and various animals that spend the night in the Vet Clinic attached to the house. Take a look round her website

Books by Maryanne O'Flynn

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