Illustrator Sarah Hardy

The kind of art that sparks the imagination. The kind of art that is the stuff of dreams. The kind of art that inspires boys and girls, and adults too. The kind of art that is whimsical, quirky and so unique you want to embrace it and make it yours. In short, much applauded artist, Sarah Hardy produces the kind of art that connects human hearts.

Even her company name, PopcornBlue conjures up images that delight the imagination, and Sarah just loves to produce art in various formats, from high quality archival art prints, to magnets, stickers, cards and original artworks.

As a senior graphic designer and illustrator, Sarah is a seasoned professional with the requisite experience to hone her craft well and truly under her belt and has a strong artistic track record behind her. Shortlisted in 2012 for the Arc National Drawing Prize (Snail Civilisation), Sarah has also won the People’s Choice Awards and Inaugural Prize (Eltham Community Gallery) 2011, and was highly commended in the Illustrators Australian & NZ Awards (2015). She won the 1st Prize in the Fairfield Art4All show in 2016.

She has illustrated the following popular children’s books: Hare ’n There (Trellech Publishing 2017), The Hokey Pokey (Scholastic Australia 2013 – now in its 3rd edition.) and Barnowlby Bubbles (Little Steps Publishing 2010).

Books by Sarah Hardy

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